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What Is High Performance?

High performance is our singular focus at Kotinos Critical Skills. We deliver a distinctive learning experience for your managers, that catalyzes real impact on the performance of the organisations and teams that they lead.

For us, high performance is not an abstract concept but a specific one. The measures of high performance vary from one organisation to the next but what they have in common is a connection to the organisation’s core purpose. In a business, for example,  the ultimate measures of high performance are economic, relating to long-term value-creation, whereas for a state agency the measures might relate to the creation of employment, or investment, or both.

We have studied and worked with many high-performing institutions in different fields over more than 10 years. We believe that continued, winning performance comes uniquely from great institutions – that winning institutions are made, not born. 

We see high performance fundamentally as a challenge of commitment, design and delivery. Commitment in that every institution at the top of its game for a sustained period is there because it aimed to be there – real ambition is a core start point for outperformance. Design in that having set their ambitions, these institutions then created product, market and organisational strategies for how their ambitions would be realized, in the context of their external as well as their internal environments. Finally delivery in that their designs need to be converted into activity – through people capabilities, processes and behaviours – and maintained to take into account their performance and also changes in the environments over time. 

In our Kotinos Critical Skills programme, we bring our concepts to life for your managers using vivid case examples based in the first-hand experience of our team. We also develop their capabilities in key areas related to performance commitment, design and delivery. The outcome is better managers leading better teams and delivering better results.